group looking at artwork in gallery. The artwork is a kimomo made of blue, white and yellow colored glass that is woven together group looking at artwork in gallery. The artwork is a kimomo made of blue, white and yellow colored glass that is woven together


Thanks to the generous support of our members and donors, the Lowe Art Museum is able to maintain its collections for the enjoyment of future generations and offer diverse programs to the community. 
Please help us continue to fulfill our vision by serving as a laboratory for learning, a place for engagement and enrichment, and a site for self-discovery. See below the many ways your donation can support the Lowe.


ArtLab is the Lowe’s annual student-curated exhibition. Each year, a class of UM students develops an exhibition from concept to installation, selecting works from the Lowe’s extensive collection of more than 19,000 objects. The students determine how the show will be installed, create labels and copy for an accompanying brochure, and design all promotional materials for the exhibition. They also visit artist studios and galleries related to their exhibition, benefitting from a unique learning experience in curating and mounting an exhibition from start to finish.

With over 18,500 objects the Lowe has the only truly international diverse collection in the region. It is by continually adding new works to these collections that the Museum ensures its relevancy to a diverse local and global audience for many years to come.
The acquisition of works of art through donation or the gift of funds for acquisition is a key component of our collecting mission. 

Annual Fund
Your gift in support of the Lowe Art Museum's operations helps keep the Museum strong and vibrant in countless ways. As the primary funding for everyday activities of the Museum, your generous contribution goes towards a variety of on-going exhibition and educational efforts.

Corporate Sponsorships
Sponsorship of Museum events and exhibitions provides an extraordinary opportunity to get involved with the Lowe and for recognition and visibility. Some of the most popular opportunities for sponsorship include: temporary exhibitions, exhibition preview openings, Family Days, lectures and symposia. Recognition varies based on the project and the amount and type of sponsorship. Both exclusive and shared sponsorship opportunities are available.

The conservation of a multi-media permanent collection is a monumental challenge, but one which provides exceptional opportunities for research and discovery. Gifts in support of conservation at the Lowe Art Museum are used to preserve objects for future generations of museum goers.

Digital Age Initiative
The overarching goal of the Digital Age Initiative is to unlock access to the Museum’s entire collection. This goal includes making the Lowe’s collection available on-line through our website as well as supporting the production of educational, interpretive, and social network tools such as descriptive audio tours, cell phone guided tours, and gallery signage. Gifts in support of this goal will help the Lowe bring the wonders of its collections to the world.

Educational Programming
It takes extensive resources and a staff with a wide range of expertise to provide educational programming for an audience that includes students, teachers, parents and children, adults of all interests and education levels, senior citizens, scholars, art-lovers and, of course, first-time visitors to the Museum. One of the Lowe’s major initiatives is the promotion of collaborative programming includes an art collaboration project with the School of Medicine. In order to respond to the growing needs for community art education, it is imperative that the Museum add another full-time Curator of Education.  Your gift will help support these very important programming initiatives.

Endowment Gifts
An endowed gift is a gift that the Museum holds in perpetuity. The gift is invested, and only a portion of its average annual investment return is used for purposes specified by the donor. Many of our donors realize that the Lowe’s mission and strength in the future depends on building a foundation through endowments today.

Planned Giving
Although all gifts are planned in one way or another, the term “planned giving” generally refers to the process of arranging for a gift that the Lowe will receive in the future or at the donor’s death, or making a gift to the Lowe now while retaining an interest in the donated property.  Through the use of tax and estate planning techniques and incentives, planned giving is a way to combine a donor’s charitable giving goals with the donor’s estate and financial planning goals to maximize the personal benefits of the donor’s giving, while helping the Lowe preserve its future. Planned giving can help donors leave a legacy at the Lowe they never thought possible.

Exhibition Programming
The Museum presents several temporary exhibitions each year, ranging from comprehensive single-artist retrospectives to historical surveys to focused presentations that explore specific topics. Organization of these exhibitions can take years, and often requires the cooperation of many museums and private collectors along with considerable research scholarship. Your gift in support of exhibitions will provide much needed funds for these ambitious and innovative undertakings, including the research and organization that accompanies each presentation.

Matching Gifts
Many companies provide matching gifts for their employees as part of their employee benefit packages. If you plan to make a gift, check with your employer and your gift may be doubled through a matching gift program.

Naming Opportunities
The Museum offers opportunities to name galleries and public spaces, create named endowment funds, and name professional positions. These naming opportunities--in grateful recognition of leadership gifts from the Museum's most generous supporters--ensure that your generosity will be recognized for years to come.