Binomial: Claudia DeMonte & Ed McGowin

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(Left) Claudia DeMonte, Exotic Illusions, 2008. Enamel and mixed media on wood. 25 x 37 in. Courtesy of June Kelly Gallery. © Claudia DeMonte

(Right) Ed McGowin (AKA Alva Fost), 11 pieces, 2018. Vacuum formed, painted PETG plastic. 85 × 75 in. Courtesy of Eric Firestone Gallery. © Ed McGowin

NOV 26, 2019 - MARCH 22, 2020

With her deep-seated interests in globalism, identity politics, feminism, and social responsibility, Claudia DeMonte mines her auto-biography as well as the stories of the countless women she has met in her extensive travels to inform her creative process. DeMonte's artistic output reflects not only her cosmopolitan view of the world but also her sense of place within it. She is equally attuned to the plight of the overlooked, and the forgotten, and the oppressed; themes that resonate in her oeuvre.

Ed McGowin, with whom DeMonte has shared her travels and her life with for more than four decades, is equally interested in notions of the self and interpersonal dynamics, including manipulation, corruption, exploitation, and greed. He explored these intertwined threads in his famed Name Change project (1970 and later), in which McGowin legally changed his name—and his aesthetic modality—twelve separate times. He has continued to create works under these different personas for the past fifty years.

This engaging exhibition explores the independent endeavors of these two highly accomplished artists together with the creative symbiosis that has marked their notable careers. 

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Binomial was made possible thanks to the support of Lowe members, the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade Mayor and Board of County Commissioners. Additional support was generously provided by Matt Anderson, Viviane and Gerry Bregman, Agnes Gund, Anette and Sam Mandel, Jane and Barton Shallat, and the State of Florida Council on Arts and Culture. 

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