Bridges - December 2, 2021 - April 29, 2022

portraits of people wiht face and torso. All images are black and white with black dots as a background image of portraits of people in showing face and torso. All images are black and white with black dots as a background

Bridges captures our intersecting community of South Florida artists and students as an act of inclusion and visibility within greater Miami. Utilizing the windows and galleries at the Lowe Art Museum, this nested exhibition serves as a bridge between the quiet contemplative spaces of viewing contemporary art and the bustling university campus. This action is a collaboration between 2b Non Profit, the Inside Out Project, and the University of Miami, and the Lowe Art Museum.

The Inside Out Project is a platform that helps global communities create actions to advocate for causes that they believe in, be seen and represented, and to spark global change locally. In a society where art functions within institutions and unregulated marketplaces, many artists and communities are rendered invisible. The Parisian street artist and photographer JR founded the Inside Out Project to foster exchanges between urban epicenters like New York, Paris, London, Bruxelles, El Salvador, Buenos Aires, San Juan, Nairobi, and local representatives that express the need for diversity, inclusion, coexistence, and visibility. Group Leaders create their actions by adhering large-scale black ad white portraits of members from their community in public spaces. 

Bridges is a curated action by 2b Non Profit’s academic practitioners, who believe in holding space for humanitarian messages. Many of the subjects represented here hold more than one connection to the four organizations; many of the artists are also professors and some of the organizers are alumni of the University of Miami. By partnering with the university and Lowe Art Museum, 2b Non Profit can support artists in producing large-scale community projects. 

Curated By Laura Marsh 


The 2b NonProfit community is a group of artists and producers who make work concerning human rights, police brutality, LGBTQ identities, justice, and our environment. The institution strives for the promotion and empowerment of underrepresented, emerging artists communities by providing avenues of exposure. 2b NonProfit aims to take artists and their work out of the shadows and into the public spectrum where they belong.