Community Days are held twice annually for children and adults to explore art and culture through an array of music, dance, storytelling and hands-on art activities related to the Lowe’s permanent and temporary exhibitions. Through this “edu-tainment” and in an informal festival setting, the Lowe provides an environment for adults and children to experience education together.

Creative activities based in the arts and culture serve to strengthen both families and education within the University community and Miami-Dade County. CommunityDays have a strong impact on the community by ensuring that quality arts education and cultural experiences are accessible and demonstrate the Lowe’s commitment to serving as both a university and community resource. Since 2000, Community Days have been presented to the community free of charge.

Beaux Arts Children’s Art Classes provide instruction in drawing, painting, ceramics, and other areas of art.

For more information call the Lowe: 305-284-3535