exterior image of the Lowe Art Museum showing the front entrance in the foreground and the palley pavillion in the backgroud with palm trees in the middle ground
image of a group of students with their back to the viewer are looking at a painting done in classical style depicting the judgement of paris
figures in a gallery with cases of contemporary glass works. Large window in the background.
exteriro image of the palley pavillion at the Lowe Art Museum. It is dusk and the lights of the interior of the museum can be seen through windows.
students standing in gallery with clipboards and pencils in hand
close up of a woman in her early 20's with brown hair looking at an ancient Greek Vase that is red and black
image of a gallery with art objects from china that include stone carvings and works in metal. There is a group of students with their backs to the viewer and a person speaking to the group in front of them

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An integral part of the University of Miami, the Lowe Art Museum offers its diverse audiences opportunities and resources for engaging with contemporary culture through 5,000 years of human creativity.

From its origins in three classrooms in 1950, the history of the Lowe Art Museum reflects an unswerving commitment to fulfill its mission to serve the University of Miami as a teaching resource, and the residents of and visitors to greater Miami as its major general art museum.