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image of white 3d prints of ancient Greek artifacts. One a vessel for holding one and two heads from marble statues image of white 3d prints of ancient Greek artifacts. One a vessel for holding one and 3 heads from marble statues
3D printed models of works from the Art of the Ancient Mediterranean collection

The Lowe Art Museum leverages technology to advance its mission and our allied commitment to a plurality of audiences, whom we strive to serve as a resource for education, enrichment, engagement, and equity on our campus, in our community, across the nation, and around the globe.

Technology and Engagement at the Lowe

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Virtual Exhibitions

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ArtLab @ the Lowe

ArtLab @ the Lowe is an upper-level seminar, hosted by the Lowe each year, designed to give students hands-on curatorial experience.  ArtLab participants mine the museum's permanent collection to thematically research and document checklist items while creating a unique temporary exhibition and small companion publication. View past ArtLab virtual exhibitions below:

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Collaborative Projects

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About the Technology and Engagement Department

The mission of the Lowe Art Museum's Technology and Engagement Department is to be a catalyst for transformative learning experiences in the realm of art appreciation and education. We empower individuals to develop a deep appreciation and understanding of art by harnessing innovative technologies and engaging experiences guided by an inquiry-based approach that cultivates visual literacy, media literacy, and object-based learning. 

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