Public Programs

image of a woman looking at an ancint Greek vase that is red and black woman looking at an ancient Greek vase that is red and black
image of family at a table doing art image of family at a table doing art
image of adults in gallery all raising hands as they participate in a program image of adults in the galleries all raising hands as they participate in a program
image of people seated in galleries listening to lecture image of people in galleries listening to a lecture
image of children in the museum galleries image of children in the galleries
The Lowe organizes exhibitions and public programs throughout the year. From tours to classes, lectures and films to Family Days, you won’t run out of ways to engage with the Lowe Art Museum. Get inspired, get involved.


Please consult the Lowe’s website, Instagram, and or Facebook page for additional information. You may also register for the Lowe’s mailing list by clicking here. For a complete listing of programming, visit the calendar of events.

Lowe Connects

  • The Museum brings its gallery talks online and onsite with Lowe Connects. These regular events—lectures, discussions, presentations, gallery tours, artists talks and more—offer participants the chance to engage deeply with our museum staff, collections, and community. See past programming on our Youtube page by clicking here.

Lectures & Discussions

  • The Lowe Art Museum organizes a variety of engaging lectures presented by internationally acclaimed artists and scholars. For more information contact


  • One-hour guided tours or virtual experiences are designed to engage visitors through conversation and close looking. A minimum of 10 people are required to book a group tour. Please request the galleries/exhibitions that you are most interested in visiting. Please allow extra time for your group to walk around the museum on their own. For more information regarding onsite or virtual experieinces contact: 
  • Click here to learn more and schedule

Family Programs

  • Community Days are held twice annually for children and adults to explore art and culture through an array of music, dance, storytelling and hands-on art activities related to the Lowe’s permanent and temporary exhibitions.
  • Through this informal festival setting, the Lowe provides an environment for adults and children to experience education together. Creative activities based in the arts and culture serve to strengthen both families and education within the University community and Miami-Dade County. CommunityDays have a strong impact on the community by ensuring that quality arts education and cultural experiences are accessible and demonstrate the Lowe’s commitment to serving as both a university and community resource. Since 2000, Community Days have been presented to the community free of charge.
  • Beaux Arts Children’s Art Classes provide instruction in drawing, painting, ceramics, and other areas of art.

Cultural Tours

  • Cultural Tours with the Lowe connects the Museum's wide and diverse audience to art, inspiration, and historical perspective. Our trips offer participants the unique opportunity to see the world and humanity's highest artistic achievements with the guidance of the Lowe's curators. Itineraries focus on engaging, educational, enriching activities that will allow you to experience firsthand how art can bridge history and the present day to reveal our shared cultural heritage. More than just a vacation, Cultural Tours with the Lowe combines curatorial expertise and behind-the-scenes viewing arrangements with spectacular itineraries and interesting companionship. Contact to learn more.