docent giving a talk in front of a group or people looking at a larger than life head made of ceramic clay. The nose of the figure is flattened as if it walked into a glass wall docent giving a talk in front of a group or people looking at a larger than life head made of ceramic clay. The nose of the figure is flattened as if it walked into a glass wall

The Lowe Art Museum Volunteer Program

The mission of the Lowe Art Museum's Volunteer Program is to engage and empower a diverse community of volunteers who are passionate about preserving and sharing the rich cultural heritage housed within the museum. Through meaningful and impactful volunteer experiences, we aim to foster a vibrant and inclusive environment that supports the museum’s mission of education, inspiration, and community outreach. Together, we strive to enhance the visitor experience, promote lifelong learning, and ensure the preservation of our valuable artworks and artifacts for future generations. By leveraging the collective talents and dedication of our volunteers, we endeavor to create a lasting impact in the community by promoting a deep appreciation and understanding of our cultural heritage.

The Volunteer Program:

  • Provides training to community volunteers to enable them to guide groups of children, teens/students, and adults who visit the museum;
  • Provides opportunities for supporting the general operations and functions of the museum through administrative tasks, event assistance, exhibit preparation, project research, and other experiences;
  • Enriches its members’ knowledge and understanding of art and art history through a wide range of dynamic and engaging continuing education opportunities;
  • Provides opportunities for cultural enrichment through its support of the museum, its exhibitions, lectures, and other activities; and
  • Works with the Education and Volunteer Programs Lead and museum staff to broaden the reach of the University of Miami to the Miami-Dade community.

Volunteer Opportunities at the Lowe

Visitor Experience (VX) Volunteer

Visitor Experience (VX) vounteers serve as the welcoming face of the Lowe Art Museum. Primarily serving as greeters and on-site gallery interpreters, VX volunteers welcome guests to the Lowe, offering information and wayfinding for visitors. VX volunteers additionally provide support for front desk operations and K-12 school groups.


VX Volunteer Position Description

Gallery Guide Volunteer

Gallery Guides serve as facilitators of discussions that ignite a sense of curiosity and self-discovery for first time museum visitors. Leading tours and assisting with hands-on art activities, gallery guides help give visitors a deeper understanding and appreciation of the artwork.



Gallery Guide Position Description

Community Engagement Volunteer

Community Engagement volunteers support a range of events and activities hosted by, or in partnership with the Lowe. Engagement volunteers design promotional content for museum events and exhibitions, participate in public programs and artmaking workshops, assist with implementing visitor surveys, and work to strengthen partnerships between the Lowe and community organizers in Miami and beyond.

Community Engagement Volunteer Position Description

Benefits of Volunteering with the Lowe

  • Become part of a community of colleagues and friends at a world-class museum
  • Opportunities for continuing education and personal growth through specialized training in museum education theories and methods
  • Classes and lectures in all permanent collections spanning 5,000 years of global art history and culture
  • Group social events and field trips to local and regional arts and cultural institutions
  • Private lectures with guest speakers covering a wide range of arts and culture

Volunteering with the Lowe Art Museum is an incredibly rewarding experience that requires a high degree of motivation and dedication. Interested applicants can contact volunteerlowe@miami.edu to learn more about the program and to apply.