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image of nursing and medical students talking about works of art image of nursing and medical students talking about works of art
Fine Art of Health Care Program
college students looking at paintings college students looking at paintings
students looking at a case of native american art consisting of small wooden carved sculptures and ceramic pots students looking at a case of native american art consisting of small wooden carved sculptures and ceramic pots
The Lowe is a laboratory for learning; a place for engagement and enrichment; and a site for self-discovery. College faculty and students are invited to use the Lowe's collection and exhibitions in creative ways to complement course topics and learning objectives. The Lowe's museum educators collaborate with faculty to provide active, object-based learning experiences for students from all disciplines. Click here to learn more about object-based learning.


For more information, contact:

Christina Larson, Ph.D. Andrew W. Mellon Fellow for Academic Engagement:


Learning with the Lowe: Virtual Experiences

The Lowe Art Museum is prepared to continue our work with faculty, students, and staff virtually, even if our physical building is closed to the public in response to COVID-19. Our Education Department team at the Lowe Art Museum is prepared to engage with the University of Miami community, as well as with area colleges and universities with the following options:

  • Guided virtual interactive discussions using works of art from the Lowe's permanent collection that connect with the course curriculum, themes, or topics.
  • Virtual professional development workshops for staff or students with a focus on improving class communication skills such as critical thinking, active listening, observation, and dealing with ambiguity.
  • Informative presentations about the temporary exhibitions and/or permanent collection resources.

For more information about these virtual programs or to schedule, please contact us:

  • Contact for University of Miami Faculty: Christina Larson, Ph.D. Andrew W. Mellon Fellow for Academic Engagement,
  • Contact for University of Miami Staff: Hope Torrents, School Programs Coordinator,


Faculty and Student Engagement

The Lowe Art Museum encourages faculty and students to engage with its collection, exhibitions, programs, and social events. Connect with others and explore contemporary culture through 5,000 years of human creativity. What ignites your curiosity and inspires you? Click here for Academic Programs Brochure


We are happy to provide access to artwork and images from the Lowe’s collection for research purposes. Please feel free to visit the galleries during opening hours. We can also meet with you to discuss your research interests.

Student Internships

The Lowe offers internships to students that provide opportunities to learn about working in a museum. Internships may be taken for course academic credit through the Toppel Career Center. Contact Jodi Sypher, Curator of Education (305) 284-3621 or

USTAR (University of Miami Student Team for Art and Research)

Students from the University of Miami are encouraged to join USTAR to help the Lowe Art Museum and UM Libraries to create and promote programs that are geared toward the student body. This student-led advisory committee provides an important connection between students, the Lowe, and UM Libraries; it also fosters leadership opportunities for its student members. Exhibitions and Public Programs The Lowe organizes exhibitions and public programs throughout the year. Please consult the Lowe’s website or Facebook page for additional information. Lowe After Hours About four times per year, the Lowe opens its doors for an evening celebration. We invite students, faculty, and the public to join us for music, food, and drinks. Please check the Lowe’s website for upcoming events, and RSVP if you plan to attend. Contact: Christina Larson, Ph.D. Andrew W. Mellon Fellow for Academic Engagement (305) 284-4095.

All interested students must fill out an application and must be able to attend the meetings. Committee members will receive a free annual student membership to the museum.

Click here for application

Fine Art of Health Care (FAoHC)

Founded in 2009, the Lowe's Fine Art of Heath Care is a nationally-recognized inter-professional program for students and professionals in Medicine, Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Mental Health. Using art and discussion as tools with the Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) methodology, participants fine-tune their observational, analytical, and communication skills, all of which are important in clinical settings. They also learn about self-care, as they are encouraged to slow down and unwind in the Lowe's galleries.

FAoHC Testamonials:

  • Dr. Gauri Agarwal is Assistant Regional Dean for medical curriculum at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. Her students attend sessions of the Fine Art of Healthcare as part of their introduction to medical humanities. “Clinical skills and medical reasoning can only come with seeing patients, but perhaps a mindful approach and certain valuable communication skills can be refined using art,” Dr. Agarwal said. (Is there a Doctor in the Exhibition, New York Times, March, 2014)
  • Sherrill H. Hayes, Department of Physical Therapy, Miller School Of Medicine, Professor Emeritus “Recognizing both subtle and obvious visual details is a critical aspect of visual diagnosis or‘seeing,’” “I was grateful to be a part of a TEAM today. It was pretty incredible to see how one thing – art – can elicit so many different emotions and opinions. I also learned that these opinions can change throughout the process. Today’s team approach really related to what our future as health care professionals will look like and I am grateful for that, as well.”
  • Student in Nursing who participated in an inter-professional workshop when asked “what did you learn from your peers during today’s workshop?” answered,” Everyone has different viewpoints based on their own personal experience and thus we may interpret the same thing differently”

CREATE (Cultural Resources | Engagement | Academics | Technology | Enrichment)

Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, CREATE Grants support faculty projects that enhance learning and engagement at the University of Miami and feature its cultural resources. Awards made under this program are intended to promote the integration of artworks, artifacts, and archival materials in the University of Miami's Libraries and Lowe Art Museum's permanent collections into object-based teaching, learning, and scholarship. 
ArtLab @ the Lowe

During the Spring semester, the Lowe partners with a University of Miami faculty member and their students to curate an exhibition as part of the annual ArtLab @the Lowe. Students select a theme for their exhibition and choose objects to research from collections at the Lowe, Special Collections, the Cuban Heritage Collection, or University Archives. This hands-on opportunity teaches students how to curate a museum show from start to finish. 

CAS / Lowe Faculty Liaison Committee

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and Lowe Faculty Liaison Committee aims to create a stronger partnership between the CAS faculty members and the Lowe Art Museum through object-based learning, research, and scholarship. Committee members are encouraged to see the Lowe as a center for education and engagement for all disciplines, as well as a valuable resource for teaching. The committee gathers once per semester to share information and to identify opportunities for collaboration. CAS faculty members serve on the committee for three years.

The following are current committee members (2019 – 2022):

Chantal Acevedo (English) Edmund Abaka (History) Jennifer Burke (Theatre) Julia Dallman (Biology) Massimiliano Galeazzi (Physics) Marc Knecht (Chemistry) Christina Larson (Lowe Art Museum and University of Miami Libraries) Lillian Manzor (Modern Languages and Literatures) Mitsu Ogihara (Computer Science) Will Pestle (Anthropology) Justin Ritzinger (Religious Studies) Jodi Sypher (Lowe Art Museum) Diana Ter-Ghazaryan (Geography and Regional Studies) Kiara Timpano (Psychology) Nathan Timpano (Art and Art History) Han Tran (Classics)