Professional Development

image of nursing and medical students in art galleries image of medical and nursing students in art galleries
image of nuring and medical students in art gallery image of nursing and medical students in art galleries

The Lowe Art Museum delivers high-quality professional development, including workshops, symposia, and volunteer opportunities through its departments.

Art Matters

  • Art Matters, one of the Lowe’s signature Art + Health + Well-being programs, invites professionals and graduate students to use art as a vehicle for honing focused observation and communication skills while also developing visual acuity, abstract thinking, leadership, problem-solving, and collaboration. This program demonstrates concrete ways that the art museum environment is a productive space to foster the skills such as:
    • Honing observation and interpretation skills
    • Uncovering assumptions and biases
    • Multidisciplinary teamwork
    • Navigating ambiguity and uncertainty
    • Promoting empathy, compassion, and wellness
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  • Program Details:
    • The Lowe offers customized workshops for groups of 10 – 20 for $350.
    • The Lowe offers customized workshops for groups of 20 – 40 for $500.
    • Trained educators lead interactive group discussions using open-ended research-based methodologies, with a focus on mindfulness, critical thinking skills, and team-building.
    • Group participants will engage with works of art and at the same time make connections to their own practices.
    • Workshops are tailored to the specific needs of your group.
    • Workshops will last 2 hours and provide a theoretical understanding of the practices employed.
    • Follow up workshops can be arranged for deeper understanding and practical training.
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Teacher Workshops

  • The Lowe Art Museum offers a variety of programs designed to help P-12 educators connect their classroom curriculum with the collection. These professional development sessions include art-making, gallery discussions, and opportunities to share strategies with colleagues. Participants receive classroom-ready lesson plans, participate using interdisciplinary teaching strategies, study relevant artwork and artifacts, discuss strategies for teaching each topic in the classroom, and learn about the teaching resources available from the museum.As we schedule these opportunities, we'll publish details here.
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